In this match my novitiate team order of the shrouded treasury take on nurgle legionaries.

This was a tournament prep game for the up coming Tacoma open. i got the chance to play at a new amazing club and was SHOCKED by the number of killteam players present. its been hard to find a dedicated killteam scene where i live over the last 4-6 months but i think i found a place that fits just right for me. My opponent for this game was amazing to play, and i had a blast preping with them. Getting games in and finding players who are completive, easy going, dedicated to kill team as a main game and know their rules is just a great experience.  

The map is flank
Mission is capture
The novitiates bring
Reconsecrate  ground
Secure vantage
Recover item

The legionaries take
Rob and ransack
Eliminate guards

Attacker defender decision goes to me, I choose attacker

Barricades get dropped, I try my best to give myself cover on my own objective and block an incursion into my side of midboard.

Map thoughts: been awhile since I’ve seen a board with vantage in the deployment zone, and I’m excited to see how this goes. I’m interested in how this plays as I’ve heard why not to do this before, but never seen it in person.

This is a classic "unsafe" deployment and I think this gives the advantage to low model count teams, but I think unsafe boards will probably become more common with the current state of large model count melee threat teams for summer 2023. So over all I think this is a great practice board and sets me up to learn something, even just in the deployment phase.

Scouting I select recon and dash up my Pronatus to she can perform a free mission action to loot the far left objective… but it’s not loot we’re playing… its capture…. Oops! Mistakes like these can be easy to make and is a great reason to really get in a lot of games to not get bogged down in rules. Set up and TP 1 are key to the game.

Opponent chooses infiltration… or first chooses recon, then decides to redo so I still initiative… again good reason to get lots of games in!

First turning point is… terrifying! Having a central vantage and no heavy cover on objectives on the flank is scary! In the end I drop 3 operatives to shooting from my opponent on the vantage. But im able to get off a krak into one of his operative from my 8” move penitent, also after re-rolling a 1 into a 1 Im not quite able to remove the enemy plasma on vantage, but we trade as they roll hot and inflect mortals.

over all I’ve gone 3/3 this TP traded getting injured on my penitent, losing my sniper, dialogus and leader for the enemy plasma and 8 wounds onto the balefire. I think this is maybe just enough damage done to count for a good trade, would have loved to keep one more model around. But my purgatis are mid board and ready to do some damage.

Tp 2 is hecktic

My opponent gets imitative, and kills the Pronatus, I save a krak attack to ensure it takes all their ap.

with the penitent I compete a charge to remove the balfire – we are now 4 to 6 operatives. I think this is looking ok.  

My opponent move their leader up and tries to shoot off the penitent, but cant after some faith defends.

I deal damage to the anointed from my purgatis on the right side of the board

The anointed charges my other purgatis center left, kills and contests recover item.

I charge the militant into the anointed and deal enough damage to get them on 2 wounds… so math time:

 I wanted to keep a good pace of play during this game so I didn’t go too deep at the time but writing these reports lets me check the intuitive decisions I make during the game.

The anointed has 2 wounds and 4 inferno tokens on them, this means there is rouhly a 60% chance of scoring  2 mortal wounds, but they have a 55% chance of scoring at least one save… so generally there is only a 30-25% chance that the anointed will die.

based on this, I decide to charge my medic into the anointed looking for a crit for 3 damage. There is a high chance of this as I have enough faith points to turn a hit into a crit. This ends up working

Math time Conclusion: running in my medic to confirm the 3 kill seems like it checks out.  


Opponent fires into the remaining purgatis from vantage with 2 shots, but fails to kill leaving her on 1 wound.

End of the round looks kinda scary to me I have 3 enemy operatives alive to my 4. And we are scoring 3/3 on primary. There is a very narrow path here.

TP 3

My opponent wins initative… and that seems like it might too much for me to clutch a victory out of the jaws of defeat, but we try out best. I defenders of the faith for 3 activations and and end up nearly killing the powerfist leader, but only taking 1 wound off of the operative in the center of the board.

With initiative my opponent decides to charge the center with his operative on the left and kills my medic leaving my extracvor (whip lady) on 1 wound.

 I charge the penitent into the leader to remove them from the point

My opponent is able to shot off my remaining purgatis but hast to use two shooting activations

Ive been locked out of scoring recondicrate ground, and it looks like I don’t have a play to get onto that objective. Vantage shooting onto this side of the board has really wittled away my operatives and we go into TP 4 at 11 vp to my opponents 13.  

Tp 4
 ends 14 to 17 In a win for the legionaries.

After action thoughts:

got to learn a lot about legionaries, and just how many activations it may take to bring down melee threats in the future. As time goes on im feeling less and less inclined to take reconsecrate ground

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