Hey everyone! My name’s Connor, or as I often go by online, “Spannaway”. I genuinely believe Hunter Clade is one of the most effective kill team choices, especially after the December 2023 data slate. They excel at elite hunting, and can trade effectively into midrange and horde teams.  In order to give myself a sense of legitimacy, and a basis as for why you should listen to me, I am the (as of January 21st, 2024) the seventh highest ranked Hunter Clade player worldwide, and second highest in the US per BCP rankings. I have also played Hunter Clade since their initial release, and likely have 100+ games on the team, and consistently place in the upper quarter of players at Killteam Cascadia events (Go KTC) with my most recent accomplishment being second place at a 46 player event.  (I also literally live the “flesh is weak” thing, as a Type-1 Diabetic since my fifth birthday, I have slowly been replacing my decaying form with biomechanics). The main reason for this guide is to try and ease the transition of understanding how to build Hunter Clade, both at a single box of Skitarii and Sicarians level, as well as what I’d recommend for a full 20 operative roster.
For basic information, Hunter Clade lean to more elite sided profiles, sharing lots of similarities with Elves. Our team hits for the most part on 3’s, both in melee and shooting, saves on 4’s, and the universally 6” move. 7 wounds as can be expected on our Skitarii, and a hefty 10 on the Sicarians, which alongside the 4+ save can make us hard to shoot off the board from standard small arms fire. 
As for deployment itself, off the rip, Hunter Clade has two main decisions; how many Sicarians are you going to bring, and what type of sicarians are you bringing.

Sicarians come in two flavors, the pure melee blender of the Ruststalker, or an extremely powerful utility piece through the Infiltrator. Ruststalkers are a melee only threat that come with the option of a Chordclaw and Transonic Razor (5 attacks, 3+, 4/5, balanced) or Transonic Blades (5 attacks, 3+, 4/6, rending). Mix these profiles with the strategic ploy of Accelerant Agents, which allows Ruststalkers to fight twice, with the first one counting as free, and you can see how they’re able to kill all but the toughest of opponents. Mix this ploy in while on loot for a great opening move, of a charge, fight and kill, into loot, or as a closing mode while on secure.  Ruststalkers also have the Wasteland Stalkers ability to auto retain two dice while being shot at in cover, a nice bonus to help them more safely move up the board. Be sure to try and position within the range of cover while charging for a little more sticking power! 
Infiltrators on the other hand are a more utility based operative; They come with both a ranged profile, of either a full range Stubcarbine (4 attacks, 3+, 3/4, ceaseless) or a 6” inch Flechette Blaster (5 attacks, 3+, 2/3, fusillade, relentless) and two choices of melee weapons, the standard Power Weapon profile (4 attacks, 3+, 4/6, Lethal 5+) or a Taser Goad, (4 attacks, 3+, 3/4, Lethal 5+, Stun). Personally, I prefer the stubcarbine/power weapon combo, but in theory all can be used effectively, it really comes down to personal preference. Infiltrators also have access to the Strategic Ploy Neurostatic Interference, which means that any enemy operative within 6” of an Infiltrator can not reroll dice when making a shooting attack or fights in combat. This can force many opponents, especially midrange and horde teams, to play farther back then they’d like, as they’ll now find most of their shooting power consistency crippled.  They also have access to the Concealed Position tactical ploy,  which allows you to forward deploy farther than 6” from any enemy operatives and their spawn, and within 1” of heavy cover, and you must stay concealed for the first turning point, at least on open boards. This tool can be extremely effectively, especially mixed in  you’re stuck on concealed for the first turning point
As for Skitarii, there are two flavors as well: Vanguards and Rangers. Rangers have a lot of pre game shenanigans, using their tactical ploy Pursuers. This ploy allows you to do additional scouting options with your Skitarii Rangers based on what you choose, such as two additional recon dashes or two more uses of swapping your order while in the first turning point. While these are definitely cool, and flavorful to the rules of the rangers, I don’t think the ploy is all that good. In my experience, the command point spent here is not worth it. You can already often deploy your gunners (the most often recommended target for the ploy) on engage safe behind heavy cover, and while a dash may get you further up the board, opening with Aggressor Imperative (+1” to your movement characteristic) can get you to where you need your gunners, as well as most of the time you out activate every other team, as Hunter Clade is one of, if not the, largest model count teams with no native Group Activation 2. Furthermore, most competitive opponents will be aware of these tricks, and deploy their kill team safely enough to avoid these.  Beyond this, the ranger's basic gun, the Galvanic Carbine,  has a solid chassis of 3/4 with P1, but is unfortunately dragged down by the brutal Heavy keyword. Some players will occasionally take the Ranger Omnispex (Admech’s boosted up Spotter/Auspex unit), but I still find that the vanguard counterpart is more effective. 
Speaking of which, we come to the Skitarii Vanguard; the frontline of the Adeptus Mechanicus armies, and some of the best basic trooper units in Killteam. The vanguard come in 7 wounds, saving on 4’s, and hitting on 3’s (the same profile as the ranger) with a Radium Carbine 2/4 Rending (though often I’d recommend boosting this to 3/4 rending with the 2 cost equipment Enriched Rounds.) Perhaps my favorite part of these troopers is their Rad-Saturation ability, a powerful 2” threat range of injury aura. So long as a model cannot ignore injury, anytime an opponent gets close to your vanguard, boom, hit one worse pal. And even better, if an enemy model starts their activation within 2” of your model, they also count as injured for movement, and will move less than standard. I cannot stress enough just how powerful this ability is. Forcing elites and midrange who hit onto 3s to now be on 4s is a huge power; many times I’ve had basic vanguard survive combat with orks and marines. Even better, it absolutely cripples any melee operative that natively hits on 4s (Such as a decent amount of fellgor goats, and nearly all non-melee specialized units). 
On a more universal aspect for the skitarii, we have the strategic ploy Martial Protocol, which allows a single reroll for skitarii shooting attacks conditionally. Rangers get access to it so long as they have not moved this turn, which again, feels pretty bad to me. This game is all about movement, and with how fast this team is, I really find that restriction just too much. Vanguard on the other hand get it as long as they’re on an objective marker or within 6” of the opponents drop zone. This to me is a much better deal, and I find it far easier to work with. Mix this in with Protector Imperative, which just got changed to a free reroll for shooting unconditionally, and you can often guarantee all four dice hit. I love this combo, and it's why I recommend going vanguard gunners (as well as the rad-saturation can stall an enemy killing your gunner, perfect for a ruststalker to swoop in and free them of engagement range).
A final note of the skitarii is this is where you’ll find the best leader for the team: The Skitarii Vanguard Alpha. While his melee threat isn’t even close to being as scary as the Sicarian Princeps, the Control Edict ability is so important, it can result in some of the most powerful swings in the game. What it allows is that once per turning point, when a friendly operative activates within 3” of the leader (including the leaders own activation), you can select another ally within 3” of the leader (including himself again) to immediately activate afterwards. This ability is only found on the Skitarii Alpha’s specifically, but again, the Vanguard is the clear choice, especially due to the fact they have three melee options beyond gun butt, so Rad-Saturation gets some extra mileage. Of the weapon options, there are two that stand out. The Taser Goad is the more defensive option, at 4 attacks, 3/4, Lethal 5+, Stun, while the Arc Maul punches more of a punch at 4 attacks, 4/5, Stun. Personally, I prefer the Taser Goad, as sadly despite these cool weapons, the Alpha only hits on 4’s in melee combat, and at 8 wounds, they’re still a pretty fragile profile in melee. They also have access to the Power Weapon option, but this locks you into using the Master Crafted Radium Pistol, which while hefty at 4 attacks, 2+, 3/4, Range 6”, Balanced, Rending, I think it pales in comparison to my personal favorite the Arc Pistol (4 attacks, 2+, 4/5, Range 6, AP1, Stun), or the Phosphor Blast Pistol (4 attacks, 2+, 4/5, Range 6, Blast 1”, No Cover). For the most part, the Arc Pistol is KING, and I love that thing. Phosphor has some play on ITD, but even Lethal 5+ pales in comparison to -1 dice for your opponents saves. Plus, Blast 1” is effectively meaningless except against Gellerpox bug hordes. Overall, my key recommendation is Vanguard Alpha with Taser Goad and Arc Maul, but feel free to experiment! 
Finally, we get to the specialists, available on both Rangers and Vanguards. We have the standard Gunners, with the option to take a Plasma Caliver (standard Plasma gun profile of 4 attacks, 5/6, AP1 or AP2 with the risk of Hot), the Arc Rifle (4 attacks, 4/5, AP1, stun), or the lovely but impractical Transuranic Arquebus (4 attacks, 5/3, AP1, Heavy, Unwieldy, MW3). While the Arquebus does hit on 2’s compared to the 3’s of the other two options, I just have never found it to be practical, which sucks as it’s a dope model. But most boards won't have a safe vantage place for you to place this beast of a base size, where it won’t just immediately be shot off the board at the first opportunity.
For other specialists, we have the Skitarii Diktak, a fancier sounding way of saying Comms-Boy. The Diktak serves as the classic spend an APL to pass an APL specialist that you’ll find in most 2APL teams. Then more unique to Hunter Clade, we have the Skitarii Surveyor. The surveyor has the unique ability Omnispex, in which you select any enemy operative on the board, even if you don’t have visibility of them. You then select any ally unit within 3”, which the Surveyor can also select themselves. When firing at that enemy, the weapon profile gets No Cover (neat!), Areas of Smoke have no effect with determining Line of Sight (cool!), and that enemy is not obscured (holy hell). This is one of the strongest tools in the game, and will be absolutely brutal on Bheta-Decima. This, in conjunction with a gunner activated immediately afterwards from the Alpha’s Control Edict ability can often mean that you can snipe a model off the board turn 1. It’s extremely powerful, and look for situations where you can use this when looking at the map and deploying.
You'll see me type out 5/5 or 7/4, and these operatives represent the amount of Skitarii and Sicarians you should bring, respectively. For all the times I say 5 Skitarii, I mean bring a Leader, with the loadout as discussed above, though again feel free to experiment with their weapon options. Beyond this, the other four operatives are a Plasma and Arc gunner, a Diktak, and a Surveyor. When I say 7, I mean the previous 5 operatives, as well as 2 basic Shocktroopers, as well as with the Enriched Rounds Equipment. Bringing the rad carbine to 3/4 rending makes a significant difference; two normal hits going through now wounds all 8-10 models, and can half health 12 wound marines. Furthermore, a crit + hit now kills a standard guardsman profile, meaning that if they save well enough, they can't block one of your crits to stay alive at 1 wound. For all these cases, I recommend utilizing Vanguard Skitarii, as discussed earlier, I find far more success with my radiation soaked boys.
Team Recommendations

Into Intercession: 5/5 Split
In this case, I recommend 5 Ruststalkers, each equipped with the Transonic Blades. Naturally, take Optimized Gait whenever you bring a ruststalker as well. The equipment allows you to traverse the map far more effectively, as you ignore the first 2” of climb drop and traverse and keep your charge threat range at a solid 9" in most cases, plus you can just ignore the first barricade in your way. The reason for the Transonic Blades in this matchup is the chapter tactic of Durable, which once per shooting or melee attack, reduces a crit's damage by 1. In most cases, ruststalkers require three hits from an assault intercessor to die. With this in mind, the Transonic Razor will not be enough to kill an intercessor, as two crits and a hit would only be 13 damage (4 damage from reduced crit, 5 from second, and 4 from a normal hit), assuming you roll well enough to naturally get two crits as well. Compared to the damage of the blades, which can also help secure the kill through rending, you reach that 14 wound breakpoint (5 damage from reduced crit, 6 damage from the second, and 4 damage from the hit). In all these cases, this is assuming you're the attacker, and that your opponent does not parry to survive. And even if they do parry, in Turning Point 2 when most of your charging and fighting will be taking place, I'd highly recommend doing so with Accelerant Agents active. This means you all but guarantee the kill, so long as the dice gods/Omnissiah do not forsake you, so make sure to pray to them. Furthermore, I especially say use Accelerant Agents on loot and secure, where if you do kill them in the first round of combat, you can use your pseudo third APL to do the mission action immediately afterwards to force your opponents hand. Combine this with Conqueror Imperative for the free reroll in melee, and you're golden.

Into Legionaries: 5/5 Split
While still the same layout of the 5/5 split, in this case I'd recommend going the Transonic Razor and Choordclaw layout. The main reason being that these marines are at lower health breakpoints, and often have more utility in melee combat. Particularly, the shrive talon, anointed, and Grisly Trophy Equipment all have ways of getting around your dice. So in this case, you want to make sure you hit as many dice as possible, as it still will take 3 hits, regardless of crit status to take these baddies down. Again, mix in on turn 2 with conqueror imperative and Accelerant Agents to really put the hurt in.

Into Phobos: 5/5 Split
While the same breakpoint of Legionaries, the Phobos have significantly less utility tools regarding melee combat, so I'd recommend just going Transonic Blades, to fish for that crit with Conqueror Imperative or a CP reroll to ensure you get the kill while taking as little damage as possible. Even if dice fail you, Phobos have less durable pools as well through strats compared to Nurgle Legos, and our Skitarii can finish them off. 

Into Elves, of all Variety: 7/4 Split
In this case, I'd recommend 4 Ruststalkers, all Razors and Chordsclaws. In this case, the utility of the no reroll ploy from the Infiltrator's does not matter as much, as elves also hit on threes. So just having 4 pieces that can often 1 for 2 the elves is useful, and in this case, the extra reroll from balanced can make sure you get the hits you need kill the enemy while only taking one hit back when you're the attacker, as well as giving chances for you to parry out of combat into a kill when on defense. Us being at 10 wounds compared to their 8 puts us at a slight advantage, often able to take one more hit of damage.

Into the oddities; Orks, Fellgor, Warpcoven: 7/4 Split
In this case, I'd recommend a split of 2 Infiltrators, and 2 Ruststalkers, each with Razor and Choordclaw. Due to the reliance of rerolls for these teams to secure their kills, the anti reroll strat from the the Infiltrators is extremely effective. While it feels nice to have 4 circles of these, I still believe you need the melee power of the ruststalkers. The choordclaw still helps to reroll and kill these models, especially Warpcoven sorcerers. Try and position your infiltrators aggressively, but in safe cover points you can watch to make them last as long as possible while ruststalkers move to clear key targets. Generally, Turn 2 and 3 you'll blow all your CP to ensure Accelerant Agents and Neurostatic Interference go off, though if dice behave, you'll likely wipe most of the opponent off the map that you're okay to be broke by turn 4. 

Into the hordes; Guard, Breachers, Pathfinders, etc: 7/4 Split
Into these opponents, I'd often say outright go full infiltrators. The power sword or taser goad is often all you need to kill most of these guys, and turning off their rerolls can give you significant sticking power as hitting on 4's means they miss half of their attacks, with no way to adjust that. As long as you're in cover, all but overcharged plasma and melta attacks will bounce off you. 

Into Blooded: 7/4 Split
While a horde team, Blooded are much more reliant on melee compared to shooting attacks. As such, I'd suggest the 2/2 split of sicarians seen in the oddities selection above! This will be a bloody match, try and look for double charges with ruststalkers to keep their numbers down, and be ready to sacrifice a sicarian to distract the ogryn. 
In all of these cases where I recommend 5 ruststalkers, be aware on Loot it's often worth it to take an infiltrator with servo skull. Forward deploy them in safe position, and look to dash/loot/move or vice versa on Turn 1. If you win itiative, look to do a similar play on Turn 2, or loot and charge an enemy model. If you can secure two turns of 4-2 primary scoring, you often can outright win the game off that, especially into elites who don't have the bodies to keep scoring equally to you while losing marines left and right your rusties.
First, look for vantage points that overlook either light cover or objectives. If you see such a location, be ready to have a surveyor boost a gunner as discussed earlier, and take the shot as soon as you can make sure your gunner will be safe. This is especially brutal as a final action for the turning point, after your enemy has used all their operatives. Otherwise, perhaps combo your Diktak with your gunner through a Control Edict play for the ever dangerous popcorn shooting if you need to eliminate a model earlier in the turn.

In general, I recommend most of your operatives be placed on conceal, and gunners on engage behind heavy terrain, ideally near a piece they could climb onto vantage. One common strat I’d recommend, especially on short edge deployment, is save a recon dash for a ruststalker on engage. Mixed in with aggressor imperative, which you should use at the start of every game, you can threaten a 19” charge range, which can reach most objectives that don’t have significant terrain blocking your way. 

I often deploy ruststalkers on the flanks and in cover, where they can move + dash into the midboard, and threaten charges for turn 2. However, it’s worth considering keeping one or two near your leader throughout the turning point, and set up for a control edict combo on turn 2. This is especially powerful on loot, where ideally you have your leader in the middle of your forces, with a ruststalker 3” on his left and right. Combo Control edict with accelerant agents, and look for a charge + fight + loot play for both of the rusties, and you can outright win the game of that, especially into teams with less models than you. 
Beyond this, if you’re using the 7/4 split, utilize your two basic shocktroopers as action monkeys to either loot or secure points, and have your more specialized operatives move into locations where you have multiple opportunities for danger on turn 2, whether you win initiative or not. These examples include situations mentioned above, such as the double ruststalker charge, gunners behind vantage points, your leader in cover but near allies for the boost, as well as to take advantage of his powerful pistol as a counter punch, and shocktroopers on points, ready to either loot again, or charge forward and tie up targets with their injury aura. If you’re using infiltrators, be sure to have them ideally in the very front, so that when using their anti-reroll strat, it’ll force enemies to either stay far away from you, or move forward with less consistent damage.
And also make sure to use the Concealed Position tac ploy on loot! As I’ve said, its incredibly powerful and can outright win games. On ITD, remember it’s the 6” move + free door open, and you’re capable of using the Infiltrate scout option on them. Combo this with either an ally opening a door for them, or they themselves doing so with a servo skull, and you can often get a solid kill for free. Best case scenario, boost them with your diktak for a whole host of possible combinations, one such being as follows: Open door, charge, fight, secure point. This is especially brutal as a final activation to steal a point from your opponent, even more so if you charged two models and killed one, leaving another stuck in melee at the start of turn 2.
Basic Game Plan
As you can likely tell from my rambling, Hunter Clade is an aggressive team. We’re about as glass cannon-y as elves, but thankfully have a few more models to trade into them. Against hordes, it’s a balanced match of playing back and forcing them to come to you, losing their numbers before you can go full ham and shred them in the second half of turn 2. Overall, aim to go 4-2 on primary on loot, or 3-3 if secure and capture for the first two turns into midrange and horde teams. Try and widdle them down to eventually score 4-2 in the later turning points. Against elites, go aggressive as hell. In my opinion, it’s not uncommon to have won against elites by the end of the second turn, in which they only have one or two models left. 

I’ve mentioned them throughout, but here’s just a general rundown of some strategies that can help contribute to getting that victory in the name of the Omnissiah. 

The classic Accelerant Agents into charge-fight-loot, especially powerful on opening hands of turns, or using charge-fight-secure. Be sure if doing this one to have a gunner nearby to kill any enemy that retaliates by clearing your ruststalker on the point, especially good into elves or marines (1 ruststalker for 2 opponents models is generally always a solid deal into midrange or elite enemies)

Gunners plus Diktaks, especially near vantage. Keep this combo overlooking an objective or two, where you can keep your gunner popcorning up and down to clear the zones, really powerful on capture

The forward deployed infiltrator with a servo skull. If doing this, make sure to either deploy them in a spot where they can tag two separate objectives in case you lose initiative and they snag one, or make sure its an objective they’re not likely to reach without comboing a third APL onto a model if facing a 2APL team.

Control Edict Combos: Beyond the above mentioned one of a dual ruststalker charge, look at situations where you can use a basic shocktrooper that starts on an objective. Have them loot/secure the point if needed, or make a shooting attack if available, and then charge an enemy model or two. Then, have a ruststalker follow up for a charge and then fight. If you’re fighting a single enemy model without combat support, your ruststalker is now hitting on 2’s, while the enemy is hitting one worse. This is a great way to secure even the toughest of enemies, or an effective way to help an already injured ruststalker later on in the game, or if they received fire early in the game. 

As mentioned earlier, certain maps can be good for a recon dash ruststalker on engage, into a 10” threat range charge for an early kill or two using aggressor imperative. This is extremely powerful if you’re the attacker, and your opponent does a forward deploy of their own. If you think they may, save a ruststalker for your third round of deployment, and oftentimes you may not even need to have them utilize the recon dash. 

Remember, vanguard injury aura is nuts! If you need to delay an enemy operative who has yet to activate, it can sometimes be worth charging a shocktrooper into their face. So long as they aren’t likely to be freed out of combat from a different enemy, this means that when they start their own activation, they count as injured for movement, even if they kill you. I’ve won games off of this, where enemies just barely can’t reach an objective to do so! 

A final point to remember is the tactical ploy Motive Force Vitality. For a command point, when a model activates heal it D3 wounds. While this isn’t the most amazing sounding ploy, in reality, is incredibly useful. Often times, healing a single wound will remove a model out injury aura, such as when skitarii taking a bolter crit for damage, or two basic lasgun shots. Or more often, a ruststalker taking a power sword crits worth of damage before killing an enemy model. Healing that single wound can make a huge difference, and let you operate at full effectiveness! Always be ready to use this!
Roster and Building
The bread and butter of Admech. In my opinion, this is the optimal roster for Hunter Clade when going to a mixed tournament, though as mentioned, feel free to experiment! 

Vanguard Alpha with Arc Pistol & Taser Goad
Vanguard Shocktrooper x2
Vanguard Gunner with Plasma Caliver
Vanguard Gunner with Arc Rifle
Vanguard Diktak
Vanguard Surveyor
Ruststalker with Transonic Blades x5
Ruststalker with Chordclaw and Transonic Razor x4
Infiltrator with Stubcarbine and Power Weapon x4

Unfortunately, getting to this level of operatives would require a full box of skitarii, and three boxes of sicarians, if you're truly going WYSIWYG. If you're okay with proxying ruststalkers, Hunter Clade can be built with a skitarii box and two sicarians. Just have one box maxed out as rusties, and the other as infiltrators. I would not recommend ever proxying infiltrators as ruststalkers, or vice versa, as they do very different jobs, and can be confusing to opponents to keep track of them if you're fielding both on the field at the same time.
If you've just got a single box of each, here's my recommendations for how to build the skitarii and sicarians respectively.
Skitarii Box:
Body 1: Skitarii Vanguard Alpha with your choice of weapons, though I'd recommend the Arc Pistol and Taser Goad
Body 2: Skitarii Diktak
Body 3: Skitarii Ranger Transuranic Arquebus Gunner. While you will likely never use this guy, it's a sick model and fun to build and paint! This is supposed to be a funny hobby after all!
Body 4: Skitarii Vanguard Gunner 1 (Plasma or Arc)
Body 5: Skitarii Vanguard Gunner 2 (Whichever gun you have yet to use). 
Note: For both the arc and plasma gunners, if you wish to experiment with ranger gunners, I'd suggest using head pieces 120, 123, and/or 124. These pieces will not have the helmets or hoods that are often used to identify vanguard and rangers respectively, and can be effectively used to help your opponent tell the difference between the two. So, if you do run all vanguard, just tell your opponent all my small base guys are the vanguard, and have the injury aura, or if running gunners as rangers, say all the helmeted guys are vanguard and non-helmets are not. 
Body 6: Basic Skitarii Vanguard Trooper
Body 7: Skitarii Surveyor. Unfortunately, a single box of Skitarii is meant to be built as having either a single diktak or surveyor (these models were originally made for 7th edition 40k, where you could only bring one or the other). As such, you'll have to source another torso and pair of legs, and in my opinion, this body combo gives the best pose for a guy doing a scanning action. Use pieces 69 and 70 to build the omnispex, and then you have a couple of choices here. If you want your surveyor to be a ranger, which has some merit as you can have him buff himself to become a pseudo third gunner, perfect, just use right arm piece 67 with the galvanic rifle and you're all set! If you are wanting to do a full vanguard skitarii force, you have a couple of options: If you want the gun to be shouldered, you’ll need to find another piece 66. Plenty of admech players will have spares if you know any in your local games store, or hell if you're in the KTC discord, DM me and odds are I can spare one. Otherwise, if you want to do some basic hobbying, take piece 62 or 26, which are used in bodies 2 and 6 if you don't give them the specializations, and cut away the hand on the front of the rifle. These work well enough as a neutral pose for your kitbashed surveyor! Congrats, you've built a unique skitarii, you truly are one with the Machine-God! :D
Body 8: Basic Skitarii Vanguard Trooper #2. Well done! You've got all 7 Skitarii you'll ever need, and a cool sniper one as well! 
Bodies 9 and 10: Build them as whatever you like, leave them on the sprue, or hey, send them to me, I'll always take more skitarii. If you want, make another Alpha with a different load out using these ones! They're purely just spare bodies at this point! 

Sicarian Box:  
In this case, I'd recommend building 2 of the sicarians as the infiltrators, and the other 3 as ruststalkers, utilizing whatever loadouts you prefer for the ruststalkers. As for the infiltrators, I'd build one as the sicarian infiltrator alpha. While you in all cases will likely not utilize the model as an alpha, it's a great looking model, and can serve to represent any infiltrator you equip with a servo skull.

There we go! Twelve pages (and probably some more by the time I finish writing this part) of me professing my love for the 100% not biased in any way best team in Killteam. I hope this guide has helped answer some questions as to what goes on with the Hunter Clade team, and what to look for when playing them.

If you have literally any questions about this team, please feel to reach out to me! I’m @Spannaway on pretty much everything; Discord, Twitter, Instagram and so on! I really hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you so much for doing so! Check out Vox Cascadia, the podcast I’m on, as well as Killteam Cascadia, the best event organization for Killteam. Feel free to join our server at https://discord.gg/killteamcascadia to see all our events and just be in the coolest discord server around. And thank you again to Zack and DisregardingDice for hosting this and all your hard work!

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