My first game at my 2nd event... and round one I'm into komandos... so familiar. 

my opponent is  Levi and we had a game I really enjoyed. Before the report begins i wanna give a huge shout out to the fact that Levi refused to use sneak git more than once as they thought it was the proper way to play the team, and that is a stand-up decision to hold to your own interpretation of what you think is fair. what great sportsmanship.

Also Levi's models look awesome really like the salt(?) on the base it reminds me of freezing rain that we some times get here in the Pasific North West (PNW) of the US. 

Onto the game, I've gotten a chance to play some great komandos players, and my current record into this team is 1-6 going into this game. the komandos have a ton of wounds, the abilty to hide from shooting and Just A Scratch (JAS) means there is no way I might win in combat even on the charge... but at least they only have 1 more operative then me... So ANYWAY I know the team quite well and I know how my novitiates want to play into the team. but this match up favors the orks in my assessment so I think its going to be an uphill battle for me. 


Tactical Operations

Reconsecrate ground
Recover item

Head hunter

Barricades go in the same spot as last game for me.
my opponent does their best to stop me from moving over to their side of the board with placement. 

Map Thoughts

looking at this map, man that is a lot of heavy right in the center of the map ready for a sneaky git to deploy. if my opponent chooses to use 3 sneaky git polys on a map like this, I don't see much I might do to play into this.  but I end wining the attacker role (I think) and choose the side of the board with a door in the deployment zone, it also makes it so all the snipa boy's placements will be obscured into my operatives.  

my opponent deploys one sneaky, a breacher boy with dynamite, about 7 inches outside my deployment zone(no pic). this heavily influences my deployment in two ways,
1 - I must make sure there is not where this Beacher can charge thru the wall so place their base,
2- I now must choose fortify so be able to deal with this operative first activation if my opponent chooses infiltrate.  

 I try and remain safe as much I can.  vs another 2 apl team im not in a hurry to rush into the center of the map so waiting back here with 3 operatives able to shoot this turn (leader, penitent and condemnor) i feel good to play a little more passively. 

i also notice my opponent moves up two models after "SHH" that will also influence the rest of my decisions for the first turning point... 
these two above operatives are shootable by operatives Turning Point (TP) one. This leads me to believe that my opponent may not understand the points where I can shoot from this turn and decide I should wait to see how many other operatives end up out in the open.

I choose to fortify to make sure i would get infinitive if my opponent chose infiltrate. this way my leader/ penitent could charge the Beacher boy to stop the dynamite play 
My opponent chooses recon, to move a snipa boy so move onto vantage. 

Turning Point One
my opponent gets initiative and tries to charge into my line behind the door, but we agree that the breacher cannot find a place to land due to the fact that my bases to too clumped together, so he elects to chrage the pronatus(cup lady), and pass combat  due to the fact that the breacher probably wont confirm enough damage to kill the operative and he wants to stick around for TP 2 to throw the dynamite. 

SO A DYNAIME IN MY BACKLINE CANT HAPPEN. my first goal for this turn is to remove this operative at any cost, then wait to see how many operatives are left out in the open from my opponent, then see how many i might remove with my three operatives that can take offensive action. 
So i end up falling back with my cup lady to open the breacher up to shoots from my operatives. then ill whip the penitent in prep to use 3 apl to remove this operative with a krak shot into a charge and kill. the crazy part about this is, with (JAS) this isn't really over kill, its pretty much just enough to efficiently remove the operative.  

that said my opponent has all operatives on conceal now so I can make some waiting moves to see what other plays I might come into. 
I make some waiting moves like moving both flamers up to the center of the board. 

last few sets of activations on TP 1 see the condemnor remove the daka boy from vantage, my leader remove the Knob with a move dash shoot, and the snipa boy taking my militant to 2 hp from a shot.

the summary is 3 orks are gone, and 1 novi model is injured. 

that said there are two main reasons i feel like this game is still in hot contension going into turning point 2. 
1 - the orks still have a ton of threats and the raw stats on thier data sheets to get back into the game
2 - the tie breaker for this event is score, and i would like to make it past the cut off after game 4. so i need to try and up the score as much as i can. 
Above: the condemner shots the Daka boy off before the round ends and the point goes unscored from the orks. 

Turning Point Two 
my opponent gets initiative  and uses the first activation to remove my leader with the rokit boy(i think), my flamer torrents back into the burna boy  removing them. then the slasher boy shoots the silent knives failing to do any damage into a novi. i take that moment to make a pretty funny momentum play. my goal is to simplify the board as we now have 7 orks to 9 novis. so i charge the heavily injured militant with just two wounds remaining into the grot, the militant is able to crit the grot down to 1 hp, the grot hits with a crit killing the militant and i use my poly glorious martyrdom to remove the last hp from the grot. 

at the end of the turn between my condenmor, penitent and other flamer the orks are left with 4 operatives and the last few activations my opponent leaves the squig open to a shot from my cup lady, she takes it and confirms a kill. 

a shot near the end of the 2nd TP
this is the left side of the board, collapsed. this is a winning position from the Novis as there are too many operatives remaining and we score this turn 4 - 1 on primary. 

Turning Point three and four 

I elect the penitent as my courier. and max primaries along with tac ops 

Final Score
The game ends the score 21 to 9.

After Action Thoughts
this game felt very close till about the last 4 activations of turning point 2 some of this is down to the snipa boy was obscured from nearly all shots, this was due to obscuring being a very uninventive rule that my opponent wasn't aware of. 

but Orks are scary, and this game every with the result above still felt like i had to pay close attention and execuite a very particular plan to go toe to toe with the team. 

Thanks to Levi for a good game, and a great first game at Killscream everyone in the Portland area has been great to play with. 

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