In this match my novitiate team order of the shrouded treasury takes on Kommandos.

This was round one of the us Tacoma Kill Team Grand Tournament.

I played Justin aka Whoppper I couldn't have asked for a better opponent to help me ease into my first tournament round one. He was so kind and I had a chance to meet his adorable 3 month old baby and lovely wife at the event. Justin you made me feel included in the Warhammer community this game and for the rest of the event thanks a ton. If your reading this and want to see some amazing models or even get some painted by Justin so you can have amazing models check out his jaw dropping work here.  
The map is  Junction
Mission is loot

The novitiates bring
Reconsecrate ground
Secure vantage
Recover item

The Kommandos take
Blow it up
Collect intel
Map thoughts: I had gotten to the tournament one day early to play on the two different kinds of boards at the event in two practice games. I had a good idea on what side of the board I felt was stronger, and ended up with what I felt like was the better position.

the boards at the Us Open had 3 heavy pieces of terrain in the middle meaning obscurity was a huge deal and try to sit back on the vantage provided to you in your deployment was pretty punishing as most players would be able to stop you from getting off a meaning full shooting attack.
Deployment its looks like this:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Scouting I select infiltration as I’m unsure how aggressive my opponent will be and I may want to switch a flamer to engage to get a shot off or prepare for a defenders of the faith turn two.
My opponent selects fortify giving him initiative. Looking at where his sneaky git I think its placed on the far right of the board for a sneaky charge turn one.
Turning point one
Due to first game jitters or the fact the operative is not lined up with the others my opponent forgets to active the sneaky git first and moves up his bomb squig, I capitalize on this by move + flaming advancing (shoot + dash) my flamer into his boy with the sick bomb, and remove him from the board. Not a great start for my opponent. ​​​​​​​
I also see that near the middle of the board there is quite the pile up, something I want to capitalize on turn 2 and move my flamer up aggressively.

turning point two
I gain initiative and see a play that I have to take, my flamer can attack my opponents bomb squig when its right next to the breacher and knob… a target too tempting to pass up.
I charge my flamer up within 2” (we played with squig on conceal, oops) of the squig this means I can target the squig and if it fails to blow up I can still torrent onto 3 enemy operatives… but the blow up happens in the most glorious way. The squig combusts removing itself, the breacher and knob with it… to add insult to injury my flamer lives with 4 wounds left, her faith in the emperor giving her the strength to battle on.

to my opponent’s credit he does not give up, does not get tilted and continues the game with a positive attitude.
The rest of turn 2 my opponent spends the majority of activations looting the points he can, and removing the flamer now on his side of the board. I spend it chasing down two more operatives and ensuring I can remove two more operatives next turn he has placed behind cover on his home vantage if they want to come down to score points.

at the end of turn two the team operative count sits 8 to 4, giving me the ability to start scoring 4 primary victory points each turn from here on out.

Turning points three and four
Surprisingly maxing out loot stops me from being able to remove many of the remaining operatives as scoring max secondary and primary take up a ton of my action economy as one of my tactical ploys is secure vantage.

The final score is 21 to 14 for order of the shrouded treasury.

After action report
While this game swung early it leaves me pretty darn scared haha. Even with such a large operative advantage the score was much more even than I might have expected this is really down to my opponent never giving up and doing everything he could to keep playing the objective game. Awesome to see his take it in stride round one of a six round event.
Philosophical aside
in any other setting ive played before I would have notified my opponent of this squig placement. And understanding what kind player you are facing is paramount to understanding how best to have a great experience. For me winning is not everything the best thing I get out of events is meeting a ton of new people, finding new places to play killteam/ people to share the hobby with.

my opponent Justin did an amazing job of letting me know before the game started what his experience and expectations were. He said very clearly, he was new to Komandos, and that he never wanted to call a judge over, and would rather we do whatever we felt was legal in the context of the game to keep our vibes going. In this instance I felt a real responsibility to ensure I was conservative with all of my moves, leaving off a half inch, talking about why I thought each move was legal, let him know if I wasn’t 100% sure if my intention was in fact a possible play. But we were also clear that this could be a competitive game in the sense that we are both playing to win, but win and ensure we both feel like the game was not hindered in anyway by strict interpretation of the rules, but by our tactics.

We had a great game even though after the top of turn 2 we are at 10 novs to 6 Kommandos. And its because we could communicate our expectations and how excited we ere to simply be playing against someone with painted models on painted terrain looking forward to 5 more games of the same after.

And again take a look at Justin's amazing work here

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